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All of our earrings are made of sterling silver or other metals. Some are set in semi-precious stones and others are decorated with symbols for protection or good luck. As each piece is handcrafted, some variation may be expected.




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Turquoise Coral Dot

Turquoise Coral Diamond

Traditional Turqiose
Traditional Lapis

Traditional Round with Leaves/Lapis

Teardrop Coral Gao

Om Gao Small
Turquoise and Lapis Wheels

Turquoise Coral Oval
Coral Oval

Silver Turquoise Leaves
Silver Coral Leaves

Garnet Leaves

Coral Strands

Double Coral Strands

Mandala with Coral Center

Mandala Disk with Turquoise

Silver Spirals with Ferrules

Silver Spirals

Conch Moon

Silver Buckets

Om Disk



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