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We are proud to carry fine quality, handmade Tibetan crafts, including ethnic jewelry, Buddhist meditation and dharma products, Tibetan rugs and decor, quality photographic prints from Tibet and much more. We strive to bring you handcrafted products that are both authentic and affordable.

We offer the finest in modern and traditional handicrafts from Tibet, Nepal & India, whenever possible made by Tibetan artisans, and almost always from family-run businesses. We strongly believe in supporting artisans and craftspeople who help to keep alive traditional Tibetan craft. We are committed to buying ethically from small business people who pay their workers a living wage. We also give back to organizations that support our rich Tibetan culture and fight for Tibetan independence, such as Students for a Free Tibet. For more about our buying practices please see About Us

We carry no merchandise made in China, as we don't support the government that has so brutally repressed Tibetans since the 1950s. If you wish to learn more about Tibet and China, please see About Tibet and Links

Our Greenwich Village shop at 167 Thompson Street, which was the oldest Tibetan store in New York City, finally closed its doors on February 4th, 2009 after a protracted battle with the landlord. Please visit our shop and Tibetan photo gallery in Manayunk, Philadelphia if you are in the area (see "about us" for store info.)

We are also proud to announce our new Hudson Valley venture, Vision of Tibet - Rosendale, which opened on Sept. 20, 2009.

Our Tibetan Products
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